Any Of These Apply To You?

  • Is your business OHS compliant?

  • Do you waste a lot of money on vehicle accidents, incidents and unnecessary trips?

  • Are you looking for an effective online guide in keeping your assets safe, and ultimately advancing your business?

Introducing: The "Fleet Safe" Experience

An effective guide to successful fleet business and driver safety management

About This Course

Fleet Safe is a short online course that will help you develop safe fleet policies for your business. Enroll yourself and staff members and become a Fleet Safe Business.

Course Benefits

This Course will help you:

  • Save money

  • Increase your reputation in the community

  • Keep your employees (and other road users) safe

  • Protect your assets (staff and vehicles)

  • Increase productivity

  • Help protect the environment

Limited Offer!!

This course is normally $295 - but take advantage of our COVID savings to help our local businesses. Plus!!! Unlimited employee sign-up for all participating businesses.