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Have you always wanted a horse but now have no idea where to start? Do you have dreams of riding on the trail or showing your horse, or just sitting in the paddock being with your horse? Are you afraid that you will be judged by other people? (this is a real fear!). Are you afraid that you will waste money? That you won't know what to do? This course will help you with purchasing a horse. It will save you money and it will create confidence that you are buying the right horse for you or your child.
photo credit Thomas Ward

Buddy's Story

Buddy the bolter

Background checks essential! My first horse was called Buddy. I admit he was a bit too much for me but I was determined that we'd be best friends. One day I was riding along a quiet street, when a lady pulled up alongside me, in her car. She asked "Is that Buddy, the bl*&dy, bucking, biting, bolting bast&%d?" I replied "His name is Buddy....." So here I was on a horse that had a HUGE reputation, but I did no checks on him - and bought him for $500! It cost me an inordinate sum of money to get people to help me "fix" him (he was my first horse, remember). In the end, we settled complications amicably and went into the Darwin Royal Show and eventually he became a riding school horse. But... things could have turned out a lot differently.

Charlie's Story

Vet Check essential

Charlie was a beautiful palomino, advertised in a reputable horse magazine. He'd been there, done that - perfect beginner's horse. But he was a long way away. Instead of going to see him personally, I relied on photos, videos and vet check. All was good. The first warning was when the transport guy said "Bl*&dy woman asked me to sign he was in good condition. I refused". After a bit of fattening and some hoofwork, he turned out lovely - until the horse dentist asked how old he was. I said "11". The dentist said "try over 30". The vet was the previous owner's vet and the photos and videos were not recent. Shortly afterwards, Charlie succumbed to so many aged-related illnesses, that my own vet gave me the drugs and said "you know what to do". In the end, we had to do the right thing. Charlie cost $4000, the vet bills were over $3000. Moral - get an INDEPENDENT vet check.